Welcome to the new website

October 2, 2011

Welcome to the New Website!!

When I was young I was taken to the library often, and told to “go find something to read.” It always seemed a challenge as I was also warned to “not judge a book by its cover!” In the many months of work we have put into launching this site we have been told by the experts that, alas, we have to be quick! Because everyone on the web seems to make choices very very quickly.

Wandering among the stacks I would run my eyes across the spines of the books waiting for some tiny detail to pull me in. Often it was the color of the cover, or the slenderness of the book (as I was not an avid reader and so couldn’t get through a fair number of pages within the two weeks). But it for sure wasn’t a deliberate thoughtful process. Then there's the Title. Often a mere triplet of words, that would either click or not.

When I arrived here in January, I had never been to DeFuniak Springs or the Hotel. And for many months I have been taking my time understanding just what this place wants to be.  Like all Hotels, this is essentially a public space, and it has a definite personality of its own. So most of the time I make small adjustments, moving something out of the way so-to-speak, allowing the place to be itself.

Indeed, that is one of the reasons I love our tag line “Find Your Way”…we are all on a journey, and this is one place you can stop and rest your feet for a bit.

So more than anything this website is intended to be an invitation. That is all we can manage in the time most spend here. The invitation to come. Come and stay with us and discover our beautiful Hotel and the amazing City in which it stands.

I am extremely grateful to our creative team from Limited Editions Leisure: photographer and videographer Tim Christian, the web designers at The Elevens who worked with patience and taught us a lot. To Eric Levy of Limited Editions Leisure without whom this simply couldn’t have been possible, to my Staff and especially to Sarah Manson who agreed to be our ‘model’. Last but certainly not least, to our Owners, Pam and Tom Hutchins for their faith and trust in the process and in me. Thank you.

General Manager


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