Tasting Our Way Through Seasonal Florida

October 9, 2011


This week marks the beginning of our ‘Tasting Our Way Through Seasonal Florida’. It comes from our desire to celebrate and bring exposure to our local treasures, and not just our local foods and recipes, but the stories about the people and the way life is lived here that is unique and endearing. Jo Manning, the author of the cookbook, lives on Circle Drive with her sisters, and we are so pleased to be able to have her book here and the food on the table!

Each week we will be featuring a dish from the book, appropriate to the season, and prepared with diligence by our Bistro Chef Scott Nelson. So be sure to watch our website (Upcoming Events Page) and our Facebook page for what we will be featuring.

Nothing brings community together quite the same way as food. St Benedict, commonly believed to be the Father of monasticism in the West, and one of the great masters of how to build and sustain community over time, preached poverty and austerity for the individual, except when it came to food! Food is enormously influential in how we feel about ourselves and each other. The lack of opportunities for families and friends to get together regularly around a table and ‘break bread’ is to be lamented.

So we are very pleased to be able to offer another excuse for folks to come and dine on good food and company here in DeFuniak Springs. And now that the weather is so divine, it is all the more pleasant to eat and then take a walk around the Lake Yard in the vesper light.

We hope you will all come and join us and our guests.

- Howell
General Manager

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